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Book : Biografi Ida Pedanda Made Sidemen: Pendeta-Sastrawan Bali

Title : Biografi Ida Pedanda Made Sidemen: Pendeta-Sastrawan Bali
Author : I.B. Putu Suamba
Publisher : Dinas Kebudayaan Pemerintah Kota Denpasar in cooperation with Program Pasca Sarjana, Universitas Hindu Indonesia Denpasar.
Address: Jalan Hayam Wuruk, No.69, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-243672
Year of Publication : 2016
Size : xx +402 pages, 15 x 20 cms.
Cover : Soft, colors
Edition : First
Language : Indonesian
ISBN : 978-602-9138-79-5
Price : –


About the book
This book attempts to present a comprehensive biography of Ida Pedanda Made Sidemen (1858-1984), a poet-priest from Sanur Bali, Indonesia. He is very learned in sastra and takes yoga as a way and goal of life as well. He is very discipline in observing ethics of priest and prolific in composing literary works. This book tells his course of life and philosophy since his childhood to his death. Born in a brahmin family in Gerya Taman, Sanur, he leads his life in a very simple way, full of dedication, worship, services to people, discipline, and hard works. He has produced a number of arts works, like geguritan and kakawin in addition to some works in prose form known as gegencaran like Siwagama. He is not only well known in the field of literary arts, but also he is expert in Balinese architecture and craft. His works entitled Geguritan Salampah Laku has given some ideas and sources in accomplishing this book. His is perhaps the last generation who maintained and continued Old Javanese tradition in Bali in creating poem (kakawin).
Besides it narrates his life and his interaction with various people and characters from various backgrounds, it also attempts to reflect on some ideas or thoughts as depicted in his words, works, and action in life. With this view this biography gives  deeper insights of his life, art, way of creating art works as reflected in his works, especially geguritan, kakawin, parwa, etc. From these works it throws some lights in the fields of art, culture, religion, economy, ecology, etc.

31 Oct 2016

Book: OM Pranawa Mantra

Title : Om Pranava Mantra
Author : I.B. Putu Suamba
Publisher : Yayasan Dharmopadesa Pusat, Gianyar, Bali.
Distributor : Yayasan Dharma Sastra, Denpasar.
Address: Jalan Sari Gading, Gg. Gading Mas No.1, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Phone: 0361-262161
Year of Publication : 2004
Size : viii + 115 pages, 11 x 17 cms.
Cover : soft, color
Edition : First
Language : Indonesian
ISBN : –
Price : –
About the Book
Pranawa Mantra (Om) has a very important position in Vedic literature. Text sources like Brahmana, Upanisad, Bhagavadgita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Agama, and Tantra discuss Om in their own views. Various views on Pranava Mantra emerged enriching Indian philosophical and spiritual tradition of India. Upanisads discuss from philosophical and intuitive perspectives; whereas Tantric sources discusses it in theistic way. This book is designed to discuss the concept of Pranava in Vedic literatures. Various sources are referred when Pranava along with its various aspects — be it philosophy, spiritual, religion and culture — are discussed. Some reflections on each aspect of Pranava is attempted to widen our knowledge on Indian culture.

Om Pranawa Mantra

Om Pranawa Mantra

02 Oct 2016

Book: Dasar-dasar Filsafat India

Title : Dasar-dasar Filsafat India
Author : I.B. Putu Suamba
Publisher : Program Magister Ilmu Agama dan Kebudayaan, Universitas Hindu Indonesia, Denpasar in collaboration with Widya Dharma.
Address: Jalan Sangalangit, Tembau, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Year of Publication : 2003, 2006
Size : xx + 420 pages, 15 x 20 cms.
Cover : soft, color
Edition : second
Language : Indonesian
ISBN : 979-9490-09-x
Price : –
About the Book
This book is designed as an introductory book that gives general ideas and principles of philosophy as flourished in Indian sub-continent. Prior to the period of systematic philosophy in India, exploration of ideas of philosophy prevalent in Vedic literature and Upanishad are highlighted as to give sound basis for the emergence of philosophy in India. Each system of philosophy known as darsana is discussed covering aspects of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. This is the first book in Indonesian edition which elucidates such comprehensive background to the systematic philosophy in India. Students of philosophy, teachers or those are interested in Indian philosophy are recommended to read this book.

Dasar-dasar Filsafat India

02 Oct 2016

Book: Saraswati dalam Weda dan Purana

Title : Saraswati dalam Kesusastraan Weda dan Purana
Author : I.B. Putu Suamba
Publisher : Yayasan Dharma Sastra, Denpasar.
Address: Jalan Sari Gading, Gg. Gading Mas No.1, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-262161
Year of Publication : 2015
Size : ……
Cover : soft, colour
Edition : First
Language : Indonesian
ISBN : –
Price : –
About the Book
The book explores the existence of Saraswati in Wedic literature ad Purana. Various meanings and forms or manifestation elucidated in various mantras in Vedic literatures like Rg Weda, Sama Weda, Yajur Weda, Atharva Veda, etc.; and is also the same in puranas. There are some developments happen in the concept of Saraswati as shown in various places. The book also tries to explore the Vedic sources of Saraswati worship in Indonesia as found in Old Javanese and Balinese literature. The existence of Saraswati in Siva-Buddha cult as practiced in Bali is also touched in quite fair manner.


02 Oct 2016

Book: Javanese Saivism: A Philosophical Study of Tattva Texts


Javanese saivism
Title                                  :  Javanese Saivism: A Philosophical Study of Tattva Texts
Author                               :  I.B. Putu Suamba
Publisher                           :  B.R. Publishing Corporation, New Delhi. E-mail:
Phone                               :  011-23259196, 23259648
Year of Publication             :  2016
Size                                  :  xxi +401 pages
Cover                                :  Hard, colors
Edition                              :  First
ISBN                                :  9789350502747
Price                                :  2.250 Indian Rupees

About the Book
This book attempts to present, perhaps for the first time, a fairly comprehensive analysis of the philosophical principles of Javanese-Saivism as contain in Sanskrit-Old Javanese Tutur/Tattva texts. It seeks to bring out major aspects of philosophical inquiry, viz. metaphysics, ethics, religion and epistemology. To state that Javanese form of Saivism is a unique sect of Saivism, it brings out its similarities and differences with four forms of Saivism, viz. Pasupata-Saivism, Kasmira-Saivism, Saiva-Siddhanta, and Vara-Saivism. Having such similarities and differences are not sufficient to state it as an independent and unique form of Saivism, unless and until it can present the reasons of such things exist. Finally, through modern modes of understanding, it brings out its contemporary relevance and significance to the present days.

03 Aug 2016

Book: Siwa Nataraja dan Estetika Hindu



Title                       : Siwa Nataraja dan Estetika Hindu
Author                   : I.B. Putu Suamba
Publisher               : Yayasan Dharma Sastra, Denpasar.
Address                : Jalan Sari Gading, Gg. Gading Mas No.1, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
Phone                   : +62361-262161
Year of Publication  : 2007
Size                      : ix + 69 pages
Cover                     : Soft, colors
Edition                   : First
Language               : Indonesian
ISBN                      : –
Price                       : –

About the book
This book is the first attempt to discuss aesthetic values of Balinese arts, especially dance and drama from views of Indian antithetical theory fostering on the concept of Siwa Nataraja as flourished firstly in 13th century in South India. A brief discussion of the general concept of Nataraja in Vedic literature is attempted to give a background on the development of aesthetics. It discusses in a rather elaborate way on the Nataraja as an aesthetic concept of dance. Each symbol in the Nataraja itself is discussed and it tries to see Balinese arts, its development, and varieties of expression enriching Indonesia culture.


03 Aug 2016

Book: Siwa-Buddha di Indonesia: Ajaran dan Perkembangannya

ScanSiwa-buddha di Indonesia


Title                       : Siwa-Buddha di Indonesia: Ajaran dan Perkembangannya
Author                   :  I.B. Putu Suamba
Publisher               :  Master Program of Ilmu Agama dan Kebudayaan, Universitas Hindu Indonesia in cooperation with  Widya Dharma
Address                 : Jalan Sangalangit, Tembau, Penatih, Denpasar Timur, Bali, Indonesia.
Phone                    : +62361 464700, 464800
Web site                :
Year of Publication  :  2006
Size                       :  xxx +415 pages, 14,5 x 21 cm.
Cover                      : Soft, colors
Edition                    : Second
Language                : Indonesian
ISBN                      : 797-9490-18-9
Price                      : 80.000 Indonesian Rupiahs

About the book
This book is as a result of a comprehensive study on the developments and teachings of Siwa-Buddha cult in ancient Java based on records in the fields of archaeology, literature, history, and religious practices as found in Java and Bali. The author is in addition to talk about the periodization of Javanese and Balinese histories, he discusses philosophical aspects of it, like metaphysics, ethics, and religion. These elements are viewed as a whole unit forming religious practices found in Bali and Lombok Islands. This book is perhaps the first in its kinds that discusses the issues from multidisciplinary studies and it becomes the only book published discusses various aspects of Siwa-Buddha cult flourished firstly in Java and continued in Bali in the post Majapahit emperor period in 15th century A.D.  Prof Edy Sedyawati has given a foreword that throws some lights on the significance of the book in the fields of Indonesian history, culture, and religion.

03 Aug 2016

Book: Yoga Sutra Patanjali (Terjemahan Sanskerta-Indonesia)

yoga sutra patanjaliTitle                                  : Yoga Sutra Patanjali  (Terjemahan Sanskerta-Indonesia)
Author                              : I.B. Putu Suamba
Publisher                          : Widya Dharma, Universitas Hindu Indonesia Denpasar.
Address                            : Jalan Sangalangit, Tembau, Penatih, Denpasar Timur, Bali, Indonesia.         Ph/Fax                              : +62361 464700, 464800. Web site:
Year of Publication             : 2015
Size                                 : vii + 138 pages,  x 19 cms.
Cover                                : soft, color
Edition                              : First
Language                          : Sanskrit, Indonesian
ISBN                                 : 978-602-9138-70-2
Price                                  : –
About the Book

Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali is an important source in the field of yoga both as a philosophy and practice in Indian tradition. Due to its significance in yoga practices, it has been translated into many languages in the world. This book is a translation of Sanskrit sutra of Yoga-Sutra Patanjali into Indonesian language. It presents texts in Devanagari, its transliteration, and translation word by word in Indonesian.  It is the first in its kind in Indonesian edition to translate Yoga-Sutras in such manner aiming at an easier way for understanding the import of the sutras. With a good development in yoga practices in Indonesia it provides an authentic source for either instructor or teacher and practitioner of yoga.

01 Aug 2016

Books published

Some books have been published in the last twenty years covering various topics of philosophy, religion, and culture by the author, I.B. Putu Suamba. He discusses Indonesian or Balinese culture or religion from the perspectives of Indian tradition. In addition to books, some articles published in national and international journals. Books and articles or papers were written in English or Indonesian language. This category shows some of his books published and a brief description of them.




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