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02 Dec 2016


Dang Hyang Astapaka and His Cultural Geography in Spreading Vajrayana Buddhism in Medieval Bali” in Journal of Religious Culture


“Cosmology and Cultural Ecology as Reflected in Borobudur Buddhist Temple” in Journal of Religious Culture.


“Anugrah Bhatara Siwa dalam Teks Kakawin Siwaratri Kalpa” in Jumantara


23 Nov 2016

Book: Siwa Sahasra-Nama (Seribu Nama Siwa) dalam Siwa Purana

Title : Siwa Sahasra-Nama (Seribu Nama Siwa) dalam Siwa Purana
Author : I.B. Putu Suamba
Publisher : Yayasan Dharma Sastra, Denpasar.
Address: Jalan Sari Gading, Gg. Gading Mas No.1, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Phone: 0361-262161
Year of Publication : 1999
Size : ix + 58 pages, 10.5 x 19.5 cms.
Cover : soft, color
Edition : First
Language : Indonesian
ISBN : –
Price : –
About the Book
Siva Purana is one major purana which contains thousand names of Siva. This book mentions those names and gives meanings in Indonesian language. Various names given show Siva’s multi-faceted forms and functions in creation, sustenance, and delusion of the world. The book was published and distributed on the occasion of Siva Ratri Puja held in Besakih temple of Bali in 1999.

Siwa Sahasra-Nama dalam Siwa Purana

Siwa Sahasra-Nama dalam Siwa Purana

02 Oct 2016