Wisdom: Deeds as faithful guide

Ring laksmi makahingan ing greha taman vinava ri sedenging paratrika/
Ngkaneng smasana hinganing sva-kula vandhava veka-veka bharya tan vaneh/
Nghing tang karmika purva yan sukreta duskreta manuduhaken tekeng paran/
Dharmadharma tinutnya (selavana) salakna dadi milu manuntun ing henu //
(Nirartha-Prakrta., III: 1, pp 26-7)

[When one is passed away, his/her wealth remains at home only, it will not go along with him/her. All members of family: bothers-sisters, wife/husband and children come along with him/her till the cemetery only. However, all actions performed during life-time either good or evil will obviously become the guide wherever the soul /self goes].
Most of us have spent a lot of time, energy and finance to take care of our children and wife/husband. It is very natural parents devoted to their children, husband to his wife and vice versa since they love each other. We do so because we are worried about them: health, performance, education, future, etc. We wish them to become successful in their future life. It is common for all in every place of the world. However, it is very less attention given to the actions themselves. For gaining is not the most important but the motives of acquiring it. Is it gained in good or bad manner?
Nonetheless, actions – good or evil during life time, are the faithful/devoted friends wherever one goes after death; they always come along with him/her. They guide the soul to the proper direction either to hell or heaven. Thus, one is the architect of his/her after-world journey. Wealth and other possessions still remain at home only. Family members, colleagues, friends and others accompany him/her till the cemetery/cremation ground only, and after the funeral function is over they have to come back home sad leaving the soul alone going somewhere. They can do nothing for the soul, except weeping. Or, none can help him/her except him/herself. It is only good/right/noble action that can save him/her from punishment/hell, whereas evil action causes him to experience sufferings in hell. Good/bad actions determine his/her future rebirth. Hence, during life-time one should try hard to perform good/right thinking, speech and action (known as Tri-kayas) irrespective of unfortunate situation faced in life. The most valuable wealth is investing goodness to other for the betterment of society or nature. Unlike physical/material wealth, goodness no one can take away or rob it. So, we do not need to spend money to save guard it***

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