Dang Hyang Astapaka and His Cultural Geography in Spreading Vajrayana Buddhism in Medieval Bali” in Journal of Religious Culture


“Cosmology and Cultural Ecology as Reflected in Borobudur Buddhist Temple” in Journal of Religious Culture.


“Anugrah Bhatara Siwa dalam Teks Kakawin Siwaratri Kalpa” in Jumantara


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  1. P.P. Sripakdee

    I am extremely happy to learn Dr. Putu gets a remarkable book published. Things take more time to develop then results can be seen, so this book. I am waiting for such a work.

    1. javanese (Post author)

      Dear bante,
      Thanks a lot for your comments on my book published. It encourages me to work on related topics. Hope you are fine and happy. All the best. I am waiting to the news about the joint research on culture identity of South East Asian ountries.


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